What we do

Forestlands Consulting has been operating for more than ten years.  The company was established to provide highly experienced forest industry-related consulting services.  The company is based in Sydney, Australia.  In addition to work thought-out Australia, Forestlands Consulting undertakes projects in South East Asia, Papua New Guinea, Chile and China.

Forestlands Consulting has expertise in temperate and tropical forest management, forest-based timber processing and related marketing and advocacy.

Forestlands Consulting’s client and project details are kept confidential unless project reports and/or other details are placed in the public domain by clients or with the consent of clients.

Who we are

Forestlands Consulting undertakes activities related to forest and plantation management practice, timber processing, product manufacturing, marketing and advocacy.

Our alliances

Forestlands Consulting has an established network and expertise alliance across the range of activities. These arrangements bring together the skills of associates with speciality knowledge and capability.

Our services & clients

Forestlands Consulting is able to provide an integrated range of services across the forest and timber sector. Previous and existing clients are from across the entire forestry and timber products value chain, including forest and plantation management; timber processing and the downstream manufacturing of furniture and timber product consumer brands.