Forestlands Consulting has an established network and expertise alliance across the range of activities. These arrangements bring together the skills of associates with speciality knowledge and capability.

Participants in the Forestlands Consulting alliance are widely experienced in their respective fields. Forestlands Consulting’s alliance mechanism offers clients a depth and breadth of expertise in a wide range of disciplines in forestry, timber processing, timber industry supply chain dynamics and related specialist fields.

Forestlands Consulting has a particular alliance with Leaf Carbon Leaf Carbon provides specialist consulting advice on forest carbon development, management and trading. Consulting advice spans legal rights, economic modelling, liability issues, carbon estimation and monitoring, forest management, ecosystem enhancement, community benefit and market developments.

Forestland Consulting also manages the Australian Tropical Forestry Initiative This program has been established as an advocate for and to support a broad range of activities related to the development of a sustainable tree plantation estate and forestry industry in the tropical north of Australia.

The Australian Tropical Forestry Initiative views forestry in the widest terms, so in addition to commercial outcomes from plantations activity includes biomass, energy and carbon storage opportunities. It supports forestry and forest product companies, industry organisations, indigenous land councils and other plantation and forestry interests in the tropical north of Australia.